Whaley's Fish Lips


About the Artist


Dale Whaley



Iíve always been interested in art.  Most of my early works were abstracts and a few landscapes done in oils.  It was a nice relaxing hobby that provided a needed escape from our daily schedule.  During the 80ís while re-landscaping our yard, I picked up a copy of Koi USA magazine looking for ideas.  Our focus was on the water gardening aspect for our landscaping effort, but we added a few Koi and Comets to the environment for balance, after all it seemed ridiculous having ponds and plants with no fish.    


            Relaxing in our new backyard paradise every evening after dinner caused us realize the greatest pleasure came from watching the fish.  Each one had a distinct personality that enhanced our enjoyment so much we changed our focus from water gardening to Koi keeping.

I began painting koi scenes for art work for our house.  Painting by my pond each evening provided a needed relaxation from the hectic lifestyle of balancing career and family in Houston Texas.  When our children finished college, I retired and was able to spend more time with my hobbies of gardening, Koi keeping and painting.  I went back to school at Texas A&M for their Master Gardening program to enhance my gardening knowledge, and even though gardening and painting were my relaxation activities, I decided to expand my love of painting and built a small business painting murals and doing interior wall faux finishes 


In 2005 we moved to Jacksonville Florida and built a much bigger and better stocked pond. .The koi and our three dogs are the center of our lives.  I work out of a studio in our home, where once again, I have turned my art and decorative items into a small business.  I work with several mediums but prefer colored pencil and oils.  Being a master gardener and water garden enthusiast, most of my creations are nature related, with a lot of ideas coming from our association with members of the First Coast Koi Club.  My favorite subjects are koi, dragonflies, and butterflies. 


All products can be seen and purchased at WWW.WhaleysFishLips.com

Dale can be reached via email at Dale@Whaleysfishlips.com